4 Types of People You Should Have in Your Tribe

4 Types of People You Should Have in Your Tribe

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Did you know there are important people already in your circle? Let's think of the people you already know. These individuals will allow you to be the 5th Millionaire in the room. You may know the saying, “if you hang around four broke people, you'll be the fifth, but if you hang around four millionaires, you'll be the fifth”. We’re sure you’d choose the latter situation.

Networking evolves as our society changes the way we interact with people and communicate with each other. So it’s important to capitalize on the connections you have with former coworkers, classmates, or even someone you met at the bar.

4 types of people you should have

The Sponsor

The Sponsor sees what you do not see in yourself. They would be considered your “Big Joker” in the game of Spades, meaning it outranks all the people you need to be successful. Their recommendation or referral would help you win the opportunity and goal you set out to achieve. If you do not know anyone like this, that is ok! Start networking or having conversations with those around you, and you would be surprised!

The Mentor 

The Mentor is someone you’ll consider a role model with the traits you’re working to have and willing to help you succeed. You may call this person when you need career or business advice. Your mentor can provide feedback and help you flush out an idea prior to execution and help you avoid mistakes.

The Advocate

The Advocate keeps your name and credentials in their conversation wherever they go. This is because they have your best interest in mind and will do everything to make sure you are connected to the resources you need to succeed. The Advocate would wear a Classic "Ask Me What I Do" t-shirt to network on your behalf. This person might even be a peer, but whoever they are, when you aren’t in the room when there is an opportunity, they make sure to mention your name. Again, if you do not know someone like this, yet, then start meeting new people and expanding your circle! But- Remember, you must do unto others as you want them to do to you. If you want others to advocate on your behalf, you must reciprocate!

The Cheerleader 

The Cheerleader is a person who creates a pep rally around you and makes sure you stay motivated and focused on being able to make your ideas happen. This person has seen you at your highs and lows. They know your journey, so they can remind you about all your accomplishments and how far you have come. We all need to take time to reflect, be thankful, and be ready to receive abundance.

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