Let’s us help you get the conversation started easier.

As an entrepreneurs, you work hard to create ideas and build business on the backs of those ideas. But just having your business isn’t enough. Business thrive on marketing, branding, and by having a solid network. My Networking Apparel gets it. So, we developed a clothing line that unapologetically ignites professional conversation about what YOU do to create a broader network.

What We Do 

My Networking Apparel makes it easy to get the conversation started. Our pieces serve as the ice breaker that creates a professional culture for ambitious entrepreneurs to connect, grow, and empower each other through diversity, collaboration, and like-mindedness. Our vision is to become the leading supplier of networking apparel for ambitious entrepreneurs across the globe.

Our Mission

Get the conversation started in order to connect, develop, and empower entrepreneurs by creating a culture of like-minded, ambitious, and diverse entrepreneurs that network, collaborate and interact with one another through activities that fulfills the need for success, personal and professional growth.

Our Brand

All of our apparel belongs to our customers. We own the concept; however, you own the brand. Building your net worth is powered by a meaningful network. We strive to replace the 6 degrees of separation with being 1 networking shirt away from someone you should know. Let's get you connected with people that are interested in what you do!



As an Illmatic Entrepreneur, Natasha Hall grew from nightlife promotions and corporate America to becoming an Ideanaire (a person who creates million dollar ideas). She is the genius and driving force behind ideas that help others grow in what they do.

Natasha’s constant flair for reinvention has given her a competitive edge that propels her and her clients to the next level. Creating mastermind business ideas is her gift. Her trademark Ask Me What I Do®, Fck Work but Ima Go™ podcast, and The Bread Aisle™ branding agency are all testimonies that support her stance as the Original Ideanaire.

While balancing motherhood and her brands, Natasha is continues to be a walking vision and is fanatically focused on conquering the world. As Natasha evolves to the next level she strives to plant seeds that her lineage will endlessly reap.