Let’s us help you feel confident about networking with new people and marketing your brand.

My Networking Apparel About Us

As an entrepreneurs, you work hard to create ideas and build business on the backs of those ideas. But just having your business isn’t enough. Business thrive on marketing, branding, and by having a solid network. My Networking Apparel gets it. So, we developed a clothing line that unapologetically ignites professional conversation about what YOU do to create a broader network.

What We Do 

My Networking Apparel is a clothing brand that creates networking opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs. Starting out with just one powerful t-shirt slogan in 2018, it began to spark Entrepreneurs to become unapologetic about marketing their brands.

Owned, operated and founded by Natasha, with the idea to make networking less like work and more like a lifestyle this brand is a game changer for Entrepreneurs. Being an awkward networker herself, this Ideanaire created a strategic way to market brands and build networks without feeling awkward. Using her experience in nightlife promotions and corporate America, she is the genius and driving force behind ideas that help others grow in what they do.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help Black Entrepreneurs break barriers of racial disparities by bridging the gaps of opportunities through networking and marketing. To achieve our mission, we tackle the following five issues: social anxiety, introvertness, no CEO experience, imposter syndrome and humble upbringings.

Our Brand

We know you're thinking a customer could just wear their own brand merch, right? Yes; however, My Networking Apparel isn't a competitor brand but a complement brand as each customer owns the brand when they wear our concept. Our apparel encourages engagement and solicits curiosity from people anywhere our customers go.

A Creative Badass builds a brand to help us all network

My Networking Apparel Founder

Hey, I'm Natasha a creative force with 19 years of experience in creative strategy, marketing, human resources, business management and real estate. I've gather experiences from nightlife promotions and Corporate America to becoming an Ideanaire (a person who creates million dollar ideas).

​From developing organizational structure ground up with funding and operational parameters for continued success to relationship building and creative problem-solving, I have the superpower to provide a clear understanding of complex business needs. My brands (My Networking Apparel, Fck Work but Ima Go™ Podcast, and The Bread Aisle® Agency) are all testimonies that support my stance as the original Ideanaire.

I want to inspire people in business to create brands that are memorable and impactful. So, I launched my own businesses with a goal to create more Ideanaires that build brands on the foundation of creative strategy.