Hidden Gems for the Awkward Networker

Hidden Gems for the Awkward Networker

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Hidden Gems for the Awkward Networker. Ever felt like you’re dancing on a tightrope without any previous circus experience at networking events? Don’t worry; we got your back. While some breeze through these events as if they're hosting their own party, others might feel... well, a tad out of their depth. But don't worry; here are some tips and with your innate charm (yes, even the awkward kind), you'll become the talk of the town! 

Your saver in these treacherous networking waters? The Awkward Networker Tee. More than just cotton and stitches, it's an invitation, a story-starter, your shield against mundane and repetitive introductions. A tee that says, “Hey, networking isn't my Olympic sport, but I'm here, I'm interesting, and I've got a sense of humor.” The Awkward Networker Tee allows you to stand out while showing that you don't take yourself too seriously. It invites conversation from others who may feel just as awkward about these types of events. This tee says you come in peace to network and make connections.

And now, the gems for our awkward networkers:

  • Wingman (or Wingwoman) to the Rescue: It's like having a buddy at an amusement park ride. They can make the highs higher and the lows more bearable. Entering a networking event with a trusted friend allows you to loosen up, share a few laughs, back each other up in conversations, and step out for a much-needed break if needed.  Every awkward networker needs a wingman or wingwoman!
  • Talking Points are Your Besties: Have a repertoire of interesting snippets about your business, recent travels, or that cat video that had you in splits. Going in armed with a few conversational tidbits, anecdotes, or fun facts allows you to contribute meaningfully even if you don’t have loads to say. Focus on quality over quantity!
  • Embrace Props: Here's where the Awkward Networker Tee fits in. It’s a beacon, signaling kindred spirits to join you in your realm of delightful awkwardness. Fun accessories, business cards, flyers, sampled products and other props give you something to talk about, help you gauge others’ interests, and make networking a little less intimidating. Props for props! 
  • Time-Outs are Totally Okay: If it gets too much, there's no shame in grabbing a quiet corner to recharge. Every warrior needs a breather. Don’t overload your social battery! Stepping out for a few minutes clears your head, re-energizes you, and allows you to hit the conversations stronger when you return. 
  • Perfect the Graceful Exit: If you found a connection, great! Send a casual note later. If not, remember there’s always another chance, another event, another tee. Not every networking event will be wildly successful. If you don’t make headway this time, no worries! Follow up with folks you connected with and try again next time. Each event builds experience.

Entrepreneurship is filled with twists and turns, and networking events? Just one of its many dances. But with your Awkward Networker Tee and these tips, even if you have two left feet socially, you'll learn how to network your way to business growth. Time to embrace the awkwardness within and make it work for you! Let that spirit soar! 🎉

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