How To Avoid Networking Burnout

How To Avoid Networking Burnout

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Wherever you stand on the scale of loving or hating networking, at some point you experience network burnout. Networking takes energy, because those lightning in a bottle moments can happen at any time. From attending an exciting entrepreneur brunch to a riveting industry convention, always being on the go or looking for the next opportunity can drain even those most extroverted people! So how do you avoid this? We’ve got you covered with three tips to help you avoid networking burnout.

Think With the “Rest” in Mind

First, look at your weekly schedule and carve out a day of rest. Think about the creation story from the Bible. Day one through six, God created something on each day; but then on the on the seventh day he did what? He rested. If our creator took time to pause and reflect, so should we. You cannot be effective and alert in pursuing new opportunities or networking if you do not find time to rest! This is a day for self care and for deep thinking. Self-care varies from person to person. Self-care for you could be grabbing an extra hour of sleep, visiting loved ones, a visit to the spa or reading a fun book not related to work!

...But Did You Write It Down?

Every effective leader knows that in order to plan and execute any vision, you must write it down! Our second tip to avoid networking burnout is to write down your goals and watch them grow! Grab the Networking Notebook which was created to help you organize your ideas and keep track of your journey. When you have a record of your performance, successes and failures, it gives you a chance to understand what went well and what changes to make for next time. For example, if you have anxiety attending networking events, write down your small wins such as -starting a conversation with a stranger for the first time or pitching your idea/ brand to a small group for the first time. The Network Notebook allows you to craft a plan to smash your goals and celebrate yourself when you need it most. We love Erykah Badu’s 2019 tweet that states ‘Write it down on real paper with a real pencil with real intent and watch it get real . Spelling is a Spell.’ Grab a pen and start writing!

It's Ok to Say No!

Remember, what is for you, will not miss you!

Our third tip is to cut back on attending too many events in order to avoid networking burnout. At times it is necessary to slow down and enjoy the moment! Be present and revisit your reasons as to why you’re even networking in the first place! In this social media age it’s easy to catch FOMO (fear of missing out). We are often always looking to the next big break, we forget to cherish and appreciate where we are. It may also be time to scale back on the events you attend. You don’t have to say ‘yes’ to every invite, trust us there will be another opportunity. Start scaling back and only attend high value programs.

How To Avoid Networking Burnout


In order to reap the rewards of networking, Grab our Networking Notebook and incorporate these three steps. We can’t wait to hear about your win! Be sure to share!

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