How To Increase Your Profits With Network Marketing

How To Increase Your Profits With Network Marketing

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Having your own business can be a dream come true, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Handling payroll, inventory, taxes, and days filled with task lists can be overwhelming. In addition, you are probably wondering when do you find time to sell your product. Our ‘Ask Me What I Do’ button makes it as easy as brushing your teeth. Our networking button can help you increase your profits with network marketing.


Network marketing is a business model that requires person-to-person sales. As an independent representative, in order to make a sale, you have to generate the lead and close the deal. It can be challenging to share your product with new people every day and not come off as pushy. Our ‘Ask Me What I Do’ button brings the future customer straight to you. Keep in mind your answer should not focus on the actual product but more centered around how your product impacts someone’s life. For example, if you sell nutrition products, share how you help people live healthier lives instead of sharing details about the items.

 While a potential client will approach you after being prompted by your button, you don’t want the questions to stop there. Keep the conversation going. Ask your prospect questions, learn about their needs and desires. Are they a parent, are they looking for another source of income, are they, a homeowner. The more information you know, the more you can share how you can help them. Then depending on the flow of the conversation, ask for the sale. If you get a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe,’ still exchange information to follow-up. You never want to be too aggressive; stay calm. Remember, they might not be the customer, but they could connect you to a potential customer or two.

Set a goal for yourself when wearing the button. To sell more products and increase profit, you have to interact with more people either in person or virtually. The ‘Ask Me What I Do’ button is an easy accessory that is a perfect addition to any outfit, jacket, or bag. This small but powerful button sparks a conversation in a subtle yet authentic way. Snag one to add to your daily look so you can bag a sale at the grocery store or industry event. So when you become the top earner in your region, remember we told you so.

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