My Networking Apparel Anniversary CEO Interview

My Networking Apparel Anniversary CEO Interview

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My Networking Apparel Anniversary CEO Interview is now available on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support the last 4 years of our journey to inspire 1 million networkers wearing "Ask Me What I Do." Check out My Networking Apparel's anniversary interview with our Founder Natasha Hall, Ideanaire as she drop gems to share the history and future of the company with syndicated radio personality, Incognito @datboyinc at the Clothing Studio.

My Networking Apparel is a clothing brand that creates networking opportunities for Black Entrepreneurs. Starting out with just one powerful t-shirt slogan in 2018, it began to spark Entrepreneurs to become unapologetic about marketing their brands.

It is our mission to help Black Entrepreneurs break barriers of racial disparities by bridging the gaps of opportunities through networking and marketing. To achieve our mission, we tackle the following five issues:

Social Anxiety

Some Entrepreneurs battle with the fear of rejection and its consequences

Imposter Syndrome

Many Entrepreneurs have doubts about their skills, talents, or accomplishments making it difficult to create healthy relationships

Humble Upbringing

Some Entrepreneurs are uncomfortable talking about themselves due to being raised not to brag.


Some Entrepreneurs aren't comfortable talking to people they don’t know

Our apparel is a strategic way to market your brand and build your network without feeling awkward when intentionally representing their brand. Think about it, we’re making business owners relatable anywhere they go with the intention to make connections with people they should to know.

Owned, operated and founded by Natasha Hall, with the idea to make networking less like work and more like a lifestyle this brand is a game changer for Entrepreneurs. Being an awkward networker herself, this Ideanaire created a strategic way to market brands and build networks without feeling awkward. Using her experience in nightlife promotions and corporate America, she is the genius and driving force behind ideas that help others grow in what they do.

Anniversary CEO Interview

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