Networking with Briel Rogers, Owner of Art & Soul

Networking with Briel Rogers, Owner of Art & Soul

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Hey ya'll! We have a new networker, Briel Rogers, to introduce to some and reconnect to others. Let's get into what she does!

Briel, we are so excited to connect with you officially! Tell us what you do.

I own Art & Soul, a business that creates custom art to uplift women and the youth! I do canvas paintings, digital art, book illustrations, and specialty paintings such as wood, glass, etc. I also run a blog for women, called The Mommy Post, it is mostly geared towards young mothers but it is relatable to all young women in various seasons of life!

Your creativity is versatile and you’ve learned how to monetize it, how did you get started?

I have always had a passion for art and as I grew my relationship with the Lord my passion for art grew as well. Once I began to understand, in 2018, that we are all created for a purpose I slowly began to create different pieces of art and found that they inspired and uplifted those that saw them. I started my business and began to take creating art seriously once I got pregnant with my daughter in 2019. I knew I wanted to be a great role model for her as well as other young children and young women. I went through a time of depression and being lost in who I was and along with that came mental and emotional struggles so once I saw that I could make an impact with art I decided to dedicate myself to helping children and young women find themselves by using the beauty of art and encouraging words to help guide them through their dark times and find their purpose through the Lord like God did for me. I also use my business to give back to women and children by donating 15% of each sale to Genesis Women’s Shelter and I host different events throughout the year to donate money and items for them. 

“Edify. Inspire. Uplift. Those are my three main goals through my art and words.”
Briel Rogers

Collaboration is key to networking, who are some people you want to work with in the future?

I would love to collaborate with any other young artists that aim to serve a purpose through art. I would also love to work with more children’s writers in helping them illustrate their books.

Speaking of keys to networking, do you have any advice to give other artists about networking?

As someone who is awkward when it comes to approaching people about business, I would say to let your work speak for itself. Also have a purpose behind your business and people will be drawn to you and the conversation will flow easily as they are curious about the impact you are making. Lastly, I would have to say follow the Lord. He will make the words flow out of you and networking will be easy and enjoyable as you go where He is leading you to be.

Thank you so much for Briel for giving us the rundown on what you do, now go connect with her and tell her welcome to the network!

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