Networking with Janisa Camille, Celebrity Doula of Doula of the Divine

Networking with Janisa Camille, Celebrity Doula of Doula of the Divine

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Hey Ya'll! We Have A New Networker, Janisa Camille, To Introduce To Some And Reconnect To Others. Let's Get Into What She Does!

Janisa, We Are So Excited To Connect With You Officially! Tell Us What You Do.

Doula of the Divine, Child of Ifa is a mother committed to guiding you through your preconception, birth and postpartum journey founded by myself also known as Ifatoyin; dedicated to melanated births and making sure mothers have a safe pregnancy and birth, that offers constant mental, emotional, and spiritual support throughout their divine birth journey. Each service is offered to each wombyn based on their birth needs. By doing that, I provide you with resources to address any needs you may have during this divine time. Doula of the Divine focuses on birthing with mind, body & spirit through mindfulness, movement, tradition & wisdom. 

Being a Doula comes with a lot of misconceptions and myths, we love to see you change the narrative. How did you get started?

Well my journey to where I am now actually came with me trying to make it work in an industry I was in prior to what I’m doing now for 10 years. I was a newly single mother of a toddler and where I wanted to be was not where the universe wanted me to be. I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety, and although I had a village I still wasn’t supported in the way that I needed to be. Because of that I started a virtual mommy community that addressed the taboo topics of motherhood through wellness and began my own self spiritual journey… which led me to becoming a doula. Now I am one of the most sought out black doulas in Atlanta, Georgia, servicing celebrities as well. Which is also why I only service women that are a part of my community. My black and brown sisters.

“I became what I needed and obviously what the universe needed me to be for my community.”
Janisa Camille


Collaboration is key to networking, who are some people you want to work with in the future?

I am big on community so I’m open to collaborating with black and brown women that are like minded and have the same goal in giving back to our community whether it be in birthwork or something else.

Your network is your networth, do you have any advice to give other Doulas about networking?

Be present and show up. You will only get out what you put in, and everything you do in life has prepared you for where you are so there should never be a doubt that this is where you’re meant to be… use that for your motivation when speaking on what you bring to the table and what makes you different and better than the next.

Thank you so much for Janisa for giving us the rundown on what you do, now go connect with her and tell her welcome to the network!

Connect with Janisa!

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