Networking with Marisha Michelle, Owner of Quality Time Collection

Networking with Marisha Michelle, Owner of Quality Time Collection

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Networking with Marisha Michelle, Owner of Quality Time Collection, today, we have the delight of sitting down with the visionary founder of this ingenious business. Quality Time Collection is on a mission to transform the way harried parents connect with their offspring. Fueled by the profound wisdom of Charles Raison, our entrepreneur extraordinaire embarked on a quest to build a sanctuary for heartfelt parent-child bonding. In this interview, we'll not only unpack the captivating backstory of Quality Time Collection but also take a deep dive into its innovative product lineup, swipe some marketing gems, and uncover the grand aspirations that fuel this passionate founder's journey. So, buckle up because we're in for an insightful and inspiring ride!

Thank you for joining us today. To start, could you share with our readers how the idea for Quality Time Collection came about and what motivated you to start this business?

Absolutely. The idea for Quality Time Collection was born out of a powerful quote by Charles Raison, which goes, "One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world." This quote made me contemplate the profound connection between parenting and shaping future generations. I realized that in today's busy world, finding quality time to bond with children had become a challenge due to digital distractions. This realization motivated me to create a business that could provide busy moms with fun ways to connect with their little ones.

Could you talk more about what Quality Time Collection offers and how it helps parents and children bond?

Certainly. Quality Time Collection specializes in offering non-digital activities and accessories designed to spark meaningful interactions between parents and their children. These activities are not only fun for kids but also feature stunning melanin-rich imagery that adults appreciate. Our products are intended to transform ordinary moments in a hectic day into cherished childhood experiences. They provide a platform for parents to engage in conversations, share laughter, and create lasting memories with their kids.

Entrepreneurship often comes with valuable lessons. Can you share the best advice you've ever received or given to someone in your industry, particularly in the realms of entrepreneurship, networking, or marketing?

One of the best pieces of advice I've received and would like to share is related to marketing. It's important to think outside the box and utilize methods that aren't typically used in your industry. For example, surprising your existing customers with unexpected freebies through direct mail can be a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with them. It's these personal touches that can leave a lasting impression and foster customer loyalty.

Building connections is crucial in any business. Could you tell us about some influencers or businesses you admire and would like to connect with? What draws you to them?

Absolutely. There are a few individuals and businesses I'd love to connect with. Firstly, @theeesimonanocewright and @chocl8fashnpr. I admire the vibes and energy they bring to their content, which aligns with the mission and spirit of Quality Time Collection. Collaborating with them could help amplify our brand's reach and impact.

Secondly, @sarahjakesroberts is an inspirational figure known for her uplifting sermons. Her words provide not only spiritual encouragement but also resonate with the values we hold dear at Quality Time Collection. Connecting with her could provide us with valuable insights and motivation.

As Quality Time Collection continues its journey of redefining parenting moments, it remains committed to helping parents build connections with their children that will last a lifetime. In an age dominated by screens, this business stands as a beacon of hope, reminding us all that the most precious moments in life are often the simplest ones shared with loved ones.

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