"Ask Me What I Do" | Jaira Williams - Pretty Mink'd Out Collecton, LLC
Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Jaira Williams, CEO of Pretty Mink'd Out Collection, LLC

And you already KNOW we asked her, “what do you do?”

Ask Me What I Do - Jaira B. Williams

Hello Jaira! We’re so excited to have you featured in “The Conversation” this week and learn more about your online beauty collection!

Let’s start with talking about what all Pretty Mink’d Out entails.

Pretty Mink'd Out is an online beauty collection. Our brand specializes in top quality mink eyelash products, hair tools, brand apparel and more.

Great! Why of all things did you decide to start an online beauty collection?

Pretty Mink'd Out is a brand that was designed with inspiration from me. I created this brand from my truth and emotional challenges I had to overcome. With the desire to spread an amazing message to women, I created Pretty Mink'd Out which is simply "therapy in a box"; with my quotes and daily push to encourage women to love each part of themselves, inside and out and live in their truth. Women always pamper the outside with products as the ones Pretty Mink'd Out carries, but the inspiration we place on our products pampers the inside. Physically, mentally and emotionally. We aim to "Inspire Beyond the Eye of Beauty."

Your message is amazing! Tell us a little bit more about your personal journey and how that played a role.

I've been active duty military for about 7 years, I've always been good at writing, but I never imagined having a business. My last tour overseas in 2018, I was going through an emotional state due to several reasons including workload and I had to really sit and identify myself and who I really was. I started meditating, praying more, writing, and just trying to create a sense of peace in my mind. I realized I had to go back and acknowledge some things I had ignored in my life and took it upon myself to start living in my truth. That year I finally finished my novel, The Story of Strength. It's hard to go back and actually relive through a situation to identify who you are but out of all of that I got inspired to create a product that could grab people’s attention and provide a message inside, Pretty Mink'd Out. Each eyelash collection I created was at a different stage in my healing process I mean it literally would come to me out of the blue and I would write it down and run with it. I started with four styles the "Royal" collection and now I have 19 styles, two adhesives, a Hair tool and our brand apparel. Each collection and name have a meaning. The Royal Collection I had to remember who I was, ROYAL a MELANIN (MELA'LASH) QUEEN and GODDESS. The Healing Collection is where I gained my STRENGTH, PEACE & ENERGY back. The Love Collection was created to understand to "Love Yourself Enough to Let Love In." The Playtime Collection was created off of fun and being who you are UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Our recent 2020 Collection theme is "Manifest Your Desires" we can do all things with desire with balance and essence.

We can definitely see that you have incorporated a lot of yourself into your business to make it amazing. What else would you like people to know about your personal brand and the other roles you have taken on.

My personal brand is Jaira B. I'm an author, entrepreneur, influencer and inspiration pusher. My mission is to Inspire & Influence others to seek and master their purpose. While providing encouragement to understanding the power of self-love, self- help & acknowledging challenges life causes us to ignore. We offer inspirational apparel with my quote "Make Your Visions Visible." which simply means anything you visualize, no matter who understands it or not follow through with it and make it come to life for all to see.

Amazing! Is there anyone else you’d like to work or collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Syenovia Lesesne of the Nova Collective because she has such and open mind and free spirit, she is educated and also has the same idea I have as far as giving a good word if you know what I mean. Our energies would connect great and I know the ideas would be bouncing off the walls, she keeps it real and that is always good in life and business. FB: Nova Coaching. I would also love to collaborate with some makeup artist who are upcoming and seasoned. Not anyone specific because all artists would be good in the line of business I offer, it would be nice to meet and see what we could create together.

Finally, what advice can you give another entrepreneur that struggles with networking and marketing?

Whew, this is one I feel like everyone struggles with. I honestly have to find the time to make sure I'm posting how I should or be able to create content. I would say to them that planning is always good, find that day to pour out all the ideas you've been storing in your notes or on your phone and just build your content. Post as often as you can and sponsorships on social media can always help. Don't focus on the likes because someone is always watching, quality over quantity. Know your target audience and aim at them and more will come. Lastly vending is great for networking, of course making profit or breaking even is the goal but you never know who you will meet to help you along the way.


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March 24, 2020 — Ask Me What I Do



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