My Networking Notebook


So, what’s the plan?

The notebook is strategically crafted with prompts to help organize your million-dollar ideas, events, and contacts. The contact list will help you figure out who can help you reach your goals. Write down a list of former classmates, coworkers, and even neighbors. From that list describe their profession, industry, and business.

Write it down in our exclusive My Networking Notebook. This notebook is strategically crafted with prompts to organize your event notes, contacts, and million dollar ideas. So while it is tempting to reach out to the individual who is dominating the industry, be on the lookout for those building just like you.

Introverts need it, Extroverts love it
Made for Networking and Marketing
Helps alleviate awkward conversations
Made in the USA 

Why My Networking Apparel?

Empowering Networking: We recognized the need to provide Entrepreneurs with apparel and tools to network confidently and authentically in any setting. Traditional networking has become awkward AF, so we thought of creating something better.

Designed for Success: With input from networking experts and professionals like you, we've created clothing that combines fashion, comfort, and functionality to help you make authentic connections wherever you go.

How to Wear It & What to Expect

Wear with Confidence: My Networking Apparel is designed to be your networking companion, empowering you to make connections with ease. Simply pair our conversation-starting designs with your favorite attire for a polished and professional look.

Be Conversation Ready: When you wear My Networking Apparel, be prepared for conversations to flow. Our designs are created to spark interest and curiosity, making it easier for others to approach you and start conversations.

Sizing Info

Designed for Brand Ambassadors

When you wear My Networking Apparel, you're not just wearing clothing; you're representing your own brand. Every time you go out in our apparel, you become a brand ambassador of your own success story.