Here's are reviews from our networkers letting you know the power behind our merch "Ask Me What I Do" when they wear it.

@glamournoguilt_ "Wearing AMWD merch markets you even when you forget to market it you! There have been times when I was in the grocery store with my AMWD tee on and people ask me what I do and Im like huh?? Oh yeaaaa I forgot I had on my tee! 😂"

@leonard_davis3 "I love my shirt, it definitely starts the conversation. Thank again."

@marc.coley "It definitely gets the convo started. Sometimes you forget you have it on until someone ask .. “so what do you do!?” Issa winner"

@invashionbrand "I love it!! I will definitely be getting me some new tees in all the colors! Love that orange!!"

@jae.anderson.ent "Man no lie I have at least 3 ppl ask me what I do every time I wear it! Sometime I forget I have it on til I get asked."