How to Help Your Family and Friends to Support Your Business

How to Help Your Family and Friends to Support Your Business

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If you're anything like me, you're probably passionate about both your business,your family and friends. So, it's natural that you want to share your success with the people you care about most. Though it can be hard to get them on board - the problem is often resolved after helping them to understand what it is you do. If you need your family and friends' support, here's how to help your family and friends to support your business.

1)    Set Clear Expectations Right from the Start. 

Let your loved ones know how much time and energy your business will require so that they can decide if they want to make a long-term commitment or not. This will help you and them avoid any misunderstandings down the road.

2)    Teach Them About Your Business. 

The next step is to teach them what exactly your business is all about and why you are so passionate about it. Whether it's through sharing articles, videos, or podcasts, be as detailed and specific as possible in providing information about your product or service.

 3)    Be Specific with The Kind of Help You Want. 

Once they understand your business better, the next step is to communicate any specific needs or requests you might have for them. For example, do you need help with marketing efforts? Are there certain events or promotions you would like them to attend or promote on social media? By outlining these goals and expectations from the start, you can ensure that both of you are working together towards the same objectives. It’s important not to force anyone to help.

4)    Communicate Openly About Your Progress and Successes. 

Whether you post regular updates on social media or send monthly emails, keeping friends and family in the loop will help them feel involved in your venture and invested in its success.

5)    Be Grateful

By showing genuine excitement and gratitude for their efforts, they will feel more invested in what you're doing, driving them to put in even more time and energy into making your venture a success. Showing gratitude can range from gift hampers to meals and spending time with them. A handwritten thank-you note is also appreciated. Let them understand how their support is important for you and your enterprise.

Final Takeaway

With a little creativity and planning, there are many ways that friends and family can help build your business from the ground up! Whether they offer advice, share promotional materials on social media, or even offer their personal connections within the industry, know that having supportive and engaged friends and family members can make all the difference when it comes to building a thriving entrepreneurial venture. Consider getting them Ask Me What I Do Merchandise for them to wear a few times to promote your business. With some coaching on what to answer and refer to or pick a business card for you, you will have leveraged more people and effort into getting the word out about your business. Click here to see our selections of tees, caps mugs and more!

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