Network & Chill into Finding Love and Business Connections

Network & Chill into Finding Love and Business Connections

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As summer comes to an end and cooler weather sets in, thoughts turn to potential relationships. However, instead of focusing solely on career transactions, we believe that networking can lead to more than just job promotions. With our "Network & Chill Tee," you can spark new connections that could lead to friendships, sisterhoods, brotherhoods, and even marriages.

The phrase "Network & Chill" plays on the popular streaming app's name, and the desire to spend quality time with someone important and valuable in your life. Why not spend time with a love interest and talk business? You never know, you could be the Michelle to their Barack, or the other way around when you network and chill. In addition to discussing favorite foods and hobbies, take the time to learn about each other's career goals and dreams. You might have a connection that could benefit your future bae, and helping them reach their goals is rewarding in its own right.

Expanding your friend circle can lead to exponential gains. A new connection might approach you because your shirt made them laugh, but you could discover that you have even more in common. You might learn about their interests, goals, and ideas, which could lead to new business opportunities for you. Perhaps you have a product to sell, and they are a buyer for a top retail store. Or, maybe you're a new real estate agent looking to expand your client base, and you meet a soldier moving to town with his young family at a poker night. Even if you're not the exact missing puzzle piece, you could be the one who connects people who need each other. After all, the root word of "network" is "net," which is a collection of points that are connected or a string woven together at regular intervals. When applied to people, networking can help spread information or help someone get from one point to another. We should utilize our connections, including our friends, to help us reach our goals.

Sporting our red "Network & Chill Tee" will spark interesting conversations and plenty of laughs from passersby. Whether you're at a trap music brunch party or a wine-down Wednesday with former classmates, wearing this t-shirt commands attention and encourages others to connect with you. It might even have you considering what you do after hours to promote your brand.

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