Halloween Season is Here!

Some folks are ready to say Candyman in the mirror fives times or run through the haunted house with the ghosts, some would rather not. If you are the latter, we get it.  You are one to show up to a Halloween party dressed as a cute themed character from your television show or enjoy an impromptu photo opportunity at a pumpkin patch. But, for our lovers of fall and not all things spooky and scary, it’s time to conquer a fear that cripples so many... networking.

Here are six tips to help you...

First, use our Networking Notebook to write down your networking bucket list.  This is a place where you can dream. Get as creative as your imagination can take you. Who would you like to meet? Who are some industry leaders? Write down their names and a description of why you want to work with them. Also, take a page or two and describe your goals, from immediate to long-term. The Networking Notebook is a space to help you manifest your heart’s desires.

Next, challenge yourself. What do we mean? We mean step out the box, do something you would never do. We’ve got a challenge for you! Jot down your favorite number. Got it? Good! That is the number of people you need to meet in a week, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or in person. Did your blood pressure shoot up? That means it’s a challenge. We will give you a freebie, message our account on Instagram and we will be your first network connection. You can thank us later.

Third, It’s time to practice! Yes, we are talking about practice. It is time to practice your conversational skills to become more comfortable and intentional with your words.

Fourth, change starts in the mind. Recite an affirmation. You may feel silly at first, but remember no one is watching you. Say it as loud and with as much confidence as you can. We have the perfect affirmation for you to bet a networking expert. Write down, ‘my network is my network by meeting new people I can make more money’. Put that piece of paper on your bathroom mirror, and recite that affirmation every morning.

Fifth, find a crew. Join a networking group or industry-related organization. To take your business or life to the next level, we must surround ourselves with people that we can relate to and inspire us.

Sixth, if all else fails if you attend a Halloween party with friends or take your child trick or treating, wear your Ask Me What I Do Signature Shirt. You will be meeting new people, so why not? Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

October 19, 2021 — My Networking Apparel

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