"Ask Me What I Do" | Kayla Heard - Experience Elegance Event Planning
Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Kayla Heard, CEO of Experience Elegance Event Planning

And you already KNOW we asked her, “what do you do?”
Kayla Heard - Ask Me What I Do
Hello Kayla, I’m so excited to talk to you and learn more about your business! Let’s start with discussing what your business/ brand is ...
Elegance is an experience curator that has mastered curating dining experiences in addition to event planning and encouraging clients to “Make It D.A.T.E” through the development of its personalized planners.
How did you come up with the idea of Elegance and what was the journey like making it into a business?
Elegance was birthed when trying to create a social media handle that has now flourished into an astonishing brand. After over ten years of being in the hospitality industry, I’ve decided to continue building on the foundation of the Elegance empire. To be clear, Experience Elegance is an agency that provides all event planning services. The agency was built to create an elegant experience while tackling the complications of logistics. Our vision is to create opportunities that seize every moment. We value time, customizing each client’s experience one by one. Our process has been tailored to enhance your event experience. Book your next experience with us and become “Elegance Stamped”
Since you have built such a great event planning service on your own, is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with and why?
Milan Amani (@milanamani) I love her spirit and ambition. Her innovation with her events is dope. Alyi V (@alyiv) her events are everything and I admire her execution. Also, Andrea Hamilton (@fashiondree) I admire her hustle and ambition, she’s a beast with her company.
Sounds amazing! Since you’ve been in the event planning game for a minute, what advice can you give others trying to start out?
Networking is one of the biggest parts of being an entrepreneur. It can either propel you or keep you stagnant. Building relationships not only helps others hear about your business but helps strengthen it in aspect you wouldn’t think of without speaking to someone else who has encountered some of the trials and tribulations you may be currently going through. Marketing is the heart of your business. It drives sales and attention to the services you offer. Once it is marketed correctly, everything will flow.
Stamp your next event with Elegance and contact Kayla on Social Media @expelegance
October 15, 2019 — Ask Me What I Do



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