"Ask Me What I Do" | Diamond Bradley - "The Primary Movement"
Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Diamond Bradley, Founder of "The Primary Movement."

And you already KNOW we asked her, “what do you do?”
Diamond - Ask Me What I Do
Hi Diamond! Thank you for being here today, let’s begin with what The Primary Movement is and what it is that you do.
I am the founder of a Creative Collective called “The Primary Movement” that connects, promotes and showcases creatives in the Atlanta area. Lately, we have been expanding outside of the Atlanta area and working with creatives around the world. We put on art shows, mixers and networking events. Anything to showcase the artwork of the creatives.
Tell me how the idea of The Primary Movement came about.
I came up with the idea in 2015, and I just wanted there to be some type of centralized location for creatives to go to. I originally was going to make it into a website and created it a few times, but it just didn't feel right. I wanted it to be more than just a website but an actual physical place where we could have art shows, showcases, etc. Now, we have a team to help run The Primary Movement. It is myself, co-founder Iannah James Smith and Creative Assistant Zion Joseph.
Great, since you are now reaching creatives beyond Atlanta, how do you network and market yourselves?
A lot of my close friends help me market it, social media and I also have t-shirts that I wear. I used to be so nervous talking about it but I’ve learned to be more confident about my brand and what I am doing. We also do vendor tables and that has helped us a lot with being able to reach creatives because this allows them to come to us. I also put on events on campus and partner a lot with Georgia State and their events.
Besides all the great work you’re doing at Georgia State and the Atlanta area is there anyone else you’d like to collaborate with?
I would love to work with Nike, A3C and Chance the Rapper because I feel like he would really be able to see the vison of The Primary Movement. Anyone that wants to work with us that has a vision and can assist and teach us things as well. We would also really love to work with urban style businesses and art museums such as the High Museum. If they promote change and opportunities whether that being a business, celebrity, artist or even political activist, we would love to work them.
If you could give advice to any other creative curators trying to start their own business what advice would you give them?
Have at least three goals, they can be as big or as small as, you want them to be and once you do one don’t stop. The three goals I started with for myself were to create the logo, really invest in and create with people I like with great work ethic. I also wanted to put on at least two events and even though they didn’t happen in the way I intended them to I still set those goals for myself and that ended up being one of the biggest shows I ever had. Also, another piece of advice is having a good support system, have people who are willing to help you! Have friends that can push you and even if they can’t necessarily invest in your business. Have people that can repost what you’re doing on social media and even check in one you from time to time. Often times when people see success, they think you don’t need help but you do, now that you’ve taken on this responsibility. If you believe in your brand other people will too. When they see you produce quality things, they’ll understand you’re getting better and better each time.
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September 23, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya

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