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Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Obumneme “BumE” Okeke, Artist and Founder of Deliberation.

And you already KNOW we asked him, “what do you do?”
BumE - Deliberation
It’s a pleasure to sit down and talk with you today! Go ahead and tell us what Deliberation is and what exactly it is that you do.
Deliberation is a creative content platform I created to promote my EP and sell merchandise. I’m into all things that have to do with creative content such as music, photography, modeling, motivational speaking, etc. I really wanted Deliberation to be a platform for all things creative not only just for me but for others to enjoy as well.
Great, tell me how Deliberation came about and how you first got started!
I started Deliberation last year in November when I really realized my true passion which is anything that has to do with creative content. I decided to release my EP and I titled it Deliberation because I was really overthinking everything I was doing at the time and the word Deliberation means “serious thought.” Through releasing my EP, I decided also to start selling merchandise while promoting my music too. I was super nervous because I thought no one would buy it or think It was good enough when I debuted the merchandise people went crazy for it. That really gave me the confidence to move forward with Deliberation and create this platform to give all creatives a voice.
Since you’re involved in all things creative, why did you decide to sell merchandise first on your platform as opposed to starting something else creative?
My goal was really to bring more awareness to the brand on Georgia States campus first and then expand more into Atlanta and keep growing from there. When people see other people wearing the merchandise, they can easily relate it back to the brand. Every T-shirt also has its own meaning the yellow represents peace and serenity, tan represents wealth and security and the green represents trials and tribulations. So far it has been working out very well the first time I dropped them it sold out completely. I really try and have a story and meaning behind anything that I do and I want people to know I truly love what I do and the content I’m putting out.
How has Georgia State helped you with your creative process?
Georgia State has helped a lot, coming in freshmen year I never thought I’d be doing this. Georgia state is so diverse and innovative it really gave me that push that made me realize I can do something like this. Also, being able to show people on campus my ideas and having people support me that I don’t even know makes it an even better community for me to thrive in.
Aside from selling your merchandise, how else do you network your brand?
I use social media a lot, that is my primary form of networking. I also really like face to face networking, I enjoy letting others get to know me first and then selling my merchandise that way.
Out of all the creatives, whose someone you’d love to work with?
I’d love to create content with Tyler the Creator and Kanye West. I’ve watched a lot of their interviews about how they make their music and creative content and I feel like it is very similar to mine so I’d love to work with them one day.
Lastly, before we wrap up what advice can you give anyone trying to start their own brand or anything else creative wise.
Just do it. You have to start somewhere and don’t let anything hold you back from succeeding. If you want it bad enough and you’re passionate about it then it will work itself out. Also, remember that it is okay to fail but keep going because the only person stopping you is you.
Make sure you network with Deliberation. 
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September 12, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya

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