"Ask Me What I Do" | LaKisha Mosley - The LM Experience

Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have LaKisha Mosley, Owner and Event Producer of The LM Experience.

And you already KNOW we asked her, "what do you do?"

Lakisha Mosley - Ask Me What I Do
Thank you so much Lakisha for being here with us today, go ahead and tell us what you do.
I am the owner and event producer of The LM Experience.
Great, tell us how you first got started doing this.
I started my company seven years ago as a solopreneur. I got the idea after I had planned my five-year vow renewal ceremony. I had recently also lost my job working at Barnes and Noble, so I was ready to start something new. I had so much fun doing it and had gained so many connections; it just made sense to do it. I started my company doing full-service planning but now I only do event management.
Amazing, what specifically from your vow renewal ceremony did you enjoy that made you want to turn this into your own business?
The connection I made with the vendors, negotiations and the overall experience I had is what really made me want to start my own business. When I met new people, I really had a good time making new connections. I try and go deeper with people I meet instead of staying surface level. When people came to me needing something done, they didn’t have to go anywhere else to get what they needed because I was able to make so many relationships with people who could help contribute to the event.
Through all your network of people, is there anyone else you’d love to work with?
I would love to work with Diann Valentine. She's fierce and such an inspiration, I could learn a lot from her that could also help my business. I would also love to work with organizations whose goal is to help the poor and homeless. There are so many small events that I have in mind in order to give back such as, food and clothing drives.
Lastly, can you give any advice to other entrepreneurs trying to start up their business?
Be intentional and be consistent, make sure you know your audience and you give them what they want. Be open and transparent, respond to them and be personable.
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July 22, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya

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