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Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Keyshia Battee, Owner of Suite Face

Keyshia Battee - Suite Face Team  

And you already KNOW we asked her, “what do you do?”

Hello Keyshia, I’m so glad that we’re able to sit down and talk! Go ahead and explain what your company SuiteFace is and the services you provide.

SuiteFace is an in-suite (on location) beauty concierge. Our goal is to provide luxury on location hair, make-up, and massage. We also provide light refreshments upon request and create a relaxing atmosphere for our clients before their major life event, party, or social gathering. We also host girl’s night in and birthday parties on location (suites or previously disclosed location).

Sounds amazing! Tell us about your journey and how SuiteFace came about.

SuiteFace is a collaborative effort. My business partner and I previously had an event planning company. December of 2018, we decided to combine our current profession with event planning and came up with the concept of SuiteFace. SuiteFace initially started of as a thought in 2005 and I was still a corporate employee at the time. The name came to me as I was driving home from work one day, I thought it was cute and catchy, so I stored it and proceeded on with life. Years later as I was contemplating having a second business, the name that I had stored came back to me and the concept of the business became very clear. The business idea was the fun part, but initially we struggled with how we would promote this business and get our consumer to understand what it is that we do. After several months of meetings, we decided the best marketing tool would be a social media commercial. It represented what the business was about and it allowed for the consumer to inquire about our services.

Besides your business partner, is there anyone else you’d like to work with?

SuiteFace would love to collaborate with event coordinators, event planners, hairstylists and other makeup artists in the surrounding areas. We don't have any specific companies/person but are open to collaborating and being a part of other major/minor productions.

Great! Is there any advice you can leave our networkers with who are struggling with marketing and networking?

Talk to other entrepreneurs! Share your stories! Also, you can't be afraid to invest in marketing tools and concepts. A yearly budget should be set that goes towards your marketing plan and revisited monthly to make adjustments.

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June 02, 2020 — Ask Me What I Do



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