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Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Ebony Ruffin, Life Insurance Agent and CEO of Ruffin Consulting Services.

And you already KNOW we asked her “what do you do?”
Okay, Ebony, it is already amazing you’re the CEO of your own company now tell us a little more about how you became interested and started in life insurance.
My journey started before I realized it was actually starting. I was born in Montgomery, Alabama and throughout my childhood in Montgomery, I watched the insurance man visit the homes in the community to discuss life insurance. I recall my grandmother telling us someone important was coming to the home and to behave. I knew the person must be important if they were allowed to sit on the fine living room furniture. The insurance man and my grandmother would meet and then she would take the papers and roll them up and put them in her secret place in her bedroom. I watched this behavior but did not know how the experience would impact me later in life. Years later, my mom was preparing to send me off to undergrad at Auburn University. She purchased a life insurance policy on me with USAA. I did not understand until one day after graduating, I opened a USAA life insurance statement and realized that life insurance is really a big deal. I reviewed the terms of the statement and began to do my own research. My corporate career as a Director of Finance at a law firm provided exposure to key man insurance policies. I combined all of this information and consulted with professionals and knew it was time for me to make my mark in the life insurance industry.
Shout out to your mom for doing that for you and helping you realize the importance of life insurance ownership! You’re doing a great job at teaching people financial competency with your business! What would you say separates you from other life insurance agents?
I am changing the narrative of life insurance across the globe. First, I help my clients understand that life insurance is an important component of financial planning. Then I educate them on how to use life insurance as a living benefit for the insured and not just a death benefit for the beneficiary. Lastly I offer best practice solutions to through life insurance products, e-course and life insurance buyer’s guide. I ultimately become my client’s agent for life.
That’s great! So, besides all the great work you are doing within your own company are there any other companies or business owners you’d like to collaborate with?
  • My Networking Apparel - The organization really gets "it" and is innovative, collaborative and focuses on the future of the new generation.
  • Abhi Golhar - He is a SME on real estate investing.
  • Michelle Obama - She is my forever First Lady and has the ability to evoke change through her ability to connect with the masses of people in an authentic way.
Sounds amazing! And before we wrap up is there any advice you would like to give any other entrepreneurs?
  • Write down your why and post it all around you.
  • Read and understand your industry and market.
  • Do it even if you have to do it afraid. This means go to an event by yourself, be ok feeling or looking stupid, know that this concept is usually in your own head, but be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Give up the desire to be perfect.
  • Learn to delegate tasks and use your time wisely.
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May 21, 2019 — Afterpay Key

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