"Ask Me What I Do" | Chyc Studio Digital Marketing
Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Brandy Kennedy, a Web Design Expert and CEO of Chyc Studio Digital Marketing.

And you KNOW we asked her “what do you do?”
Brandy Kennedy - Ask Me What I Do
So, Brandy, go ahead and tell us what do you do?
I am a Wix Web Design Expert, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, and CEO of Chyc Studio Digital Marketing.
Wow, you are doing a lot and securing all your bags! Tell us a little more about your journey and how you came into doing what you are right now.
In 2011, I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was still on active duty and unfortunately, I was a single parent of two. I was happy in my career but, I was feeling a little under-fulfilled. The military can be very de-feminizing at times. I was also in need of extra income, due to my growing little family. I had been playing with the idea of selling jewelry and clothing online. At this time, Instagram had just become popular and there were a lot of young women capitalizing off this new social media channel. I decided I would try it out and see if it could work for me. With $300 in inventory, a GoDaddy website, and my social media accounts, I created a brand name and just ran with it. I remember getting my first sale, I think it was from California (at the time I was stationed in Delaware) and I was in shock. It actually worked. Once I seen the potential, I started taking things much more serious. I learned how to build my own website, run my own marketing campaigns, and run my entire operation. In that first year of operation, I earned $16,000 in sales online. I honed those skills that got me through the first year and I never looked back.
That an amazing self-made story! Tell us more about how you’re able to take your personal experiences from what you went through and implement them into your digital marketing business to make it successful.
Chyc Studio Digital Marketing is the platform for all of my personal and applied experience along with training I’ve received and things I have learned along the way. My goal is to prevent other entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business from wasting time and money on mistakes that don’t have to be made. I want them to learn from my mistakes and be a success. My methods focus heavily on visual appeal and the creation of a solid foundation. Every product, webinar, and session I offer is a testament to my failures and my successes.
Whether you are trying to create another stream of income or you are pursuing full-time entrepreneurship, digital marketing is a necessity if you want to sell online and that’s why I’m here!
People will definitely be able learn a lot from you! We can tell you put a lot of yourself into your brand to make it your own but, if you had the opportunity to create content for anybody, who would it be?
I don’t really have a list of people. I would definitely love to work with Ming Lee, but I really value working with anyone who is willing to put creativity and a budget behind their project.
Awesome! Since you were able to start your business on your own is there any advice you can give to other people struggling with this right now?
Just start talking. People Can recognize passion anywhere. When you are talking about what you do and you are passionate about it, it will resonate on the most human level. Just start with….”Hello, my name is….”
@thebrandyk on Instagram, follow her and network.
May 14, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya



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