The Conversation is a great way to get people talking about your brand/business when they ask you what you do. Our magazine was created to give thriving Entrepreneurs and Business Owners an opportunity to tell people what they do. The more exposure your business gets, the more clarity your potential customers receive.

We introduced, "The Conversation" magazine into our platform as Entrepreneurs and Business Owners were purchasing our apparel to broaden their network. In our efforts of committing to one of our core values, we put our customers first in everything we do. As Entrepreneurs, we love sharing our story the started from the bottom now I'm here and we love to share those stories.

Our Editor-in-Chief, Naomi Nezianya is a Senior at Georgia State University majoring in Journalism with a focused in PR for the Beauty Industry. As the Editor-in-Chief, she has been focused on Business Owners located in the Atlanta area as well as Entrepreneurs on campus of Georgia State. Naomi is always looking for Editors and Writers to join the team all over the United States to gather stories about thriving Entrepreneurs and Business Owners that should get their business in "The Conversation."
How to get featured? You will need to purchase a t-shirt, send us pictures of you doing what you do while wearing the shirt and complete the interview questionnaire for the Editor-in-Chief to edit. We do request that your pictures are bright, in good lightning and not a selfie. You can submit additional photos without the shirt.
What do we do with your feature? Get exposure to our 2,500+ mailing subscribers, 4,000+ Instagram followers, 1000+ website viewers and 800+ Fans on Facebook. Let's not talk about the power of the shirt?! What are you waiting on, let's start conversing about your business!
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March 01, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya


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안전한 바카라사이트 추천

llraazmikg said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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