Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Brittany Mi’Chelle, a multi-business owner.

And you already KNOW we asked her “what do you do?”
So, Brittany, what do you do?
As a means of community connection, I’ve created a monthly trivia event entitled “Are You an ATLien,” which was originally designed to highlight the most profound histories of Atlanta while learning to embrace and preserve the culture of the city. This event has bloomed into a breeding ground for different creatives and entrepreneurs in the city to connect and collaborate in the future. Hosting this event has allowed me to utilize my broadcast experience and be the outspoken personality that I was meant to be in front of friends and strangers. I am also the proud co-owner of an all-female production company, BAC Alley Moguls, LLC. Where we work to bring to life uplifting stories of Atlanta influencers and interview artists and with similar aspirations of change. It is because of BAC Alley Moguls that I was honored with the opportunity to produce multiple commercials for ESSENCE and Ford Motor Company as well as being featured in a major online publication AJ+ on what it meant to be black in Stone
We love to hear a good success story! Go ahead and tell us a little more about your journey and how you got started.
After two years, I decided to quit the corporate life and take my chances as an entrepreneur and began free-lance writing and on- set production work. The first year was one of the hardest years of my life, not knowing how my next bill would get paid, or exactly how much my next check would be was an anxiety-stricken life. I wanted to be free from the restraints of corporate America, but still be able to survive in capitalist America. It wasn’t until I met my now mentor Cameron Hairston, that I began to truly seize opportunities and gain a broader perspective on all that I was capable of doing with my life. Cameron and his wife Jamila own a technical company, Cloud Tech Academy and took me in as their mentee and showed me how to capitalize on earning multiple streams of income. They not only taught me how to obtain a remote career in technology, but they also showed me what it really took to be an entrepreneur and maximize my time. I’ve been able to obtain a remote tech position that allows me the flexibility to travel the world while running several businesses simultaneously. Since quitting my job and braving through the storm of entrepreneurship, I am now able to watch my brands blossom in ways that’ll positively impact the city of Atlanta through credible news sourcing and innovative community-based platforms.
That’s amazing how you made it all work for you! So, between all your businesses, which one is your most successful business?
I am the owner of multiple businesses, BarFriending is currently my biggest success. BarFriending is a mobile bartending staffing company that I own along with my best friend, Erika Thomas. Erika and I both been hustlers since our younger days, always looking for the best way to make a dollar without having to work our fingers to the bones. Being that Atlanta is a city with amazing nightlife, bartending and waitressing was the quickest most flexible way for us to make money while we were in school. In the nightlife industry, you get a chance to meet a lot of different people, and those people eventually turned into a connection to something bigger. But the hours are brutal and your time is still not really your own.
Although we were making really good money, we soon learned that if we continued to focus our energy into growing other brands that we would never be able to start our own. About a year ago, BarFriending was born. Our motto is “BarFriending- Where Strangers become friends over cocktails.” We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for not only our guests but our clients as well. We truly believe that keeping our clients demands just as much skill as winning one. Happy clients call back, and so far, business has been abundant, and we are very grateful.
That’s dope, there’s nothing better than making money with your best friend! Besides working with your best friend, are there any other businesses you’d like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with the city of Atlanta for major events such as One Music Fest, Music Midtown, The Mayors Ball, or even the Mercedez Benz Stadium for future events. I want to be able to provide a touch of BarFriending everywhere! I would also love to collaborate with more women entrepreneurs who like me, are committed to connecting and empowering each other.
Yes, I think we all would love to see BarFriending at huge future events like those! Is there any advice you can give startup entrepreneurs?
My advice would be to seize every moment. There have been plenty of opportunities I’ve wasted by not opening my mouth and asking the right questions or being too afraid to speak up and introduce myself. At the end of the day, everybody is a person, and we all have started from somewhere. Never be afraid to speak up for yourself and ask for what you want. You never know how many doors can open for you when you simply ask.
@b_classic101 on Instagram, follow her and network.
April 30, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya


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