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Hey Networkers, guess who we have in “The Conversation” this week!

This week we have Audria Richmond a Marketing Strategist and Creative Director.

And you already KNOW we asked her “what do you do?”
Audria Richmond - Ask Me What I Do
Hey Audria, we are so excited to have you this week! So, let’s go ahead and jump right in, what do you do?
I am a Marketing Strategist and Creative Director. I coach, consult, & advise entrepreneurs on how to build an #UnClonedBrand and build profitable marketing campaigns.
Amazing! Tell us how you got started and how you became interested in your career field.
I got started in 2008 as a Professional Photographer and Graphic Designer. I quit my job as a flight attendant in 2009 to pursue photography and graphic design full-time. I was able to launch several successful campaigns, and events to expand my brand in the marketplace when I was living in Memphis, TN. I became a publisher of a magazine called "Love Nu Art" in 2010 to self-publish my photography work, which was a great success. This magazine focused on spotlighting local artists in Memphis, TN and creative people from fashion to music all over the world. In 2014, I took my business online and made my first ever six figures in the first year. In 2017 I started a movement called UnCloned Life which is designed to help people "Challenge the Norms"and "Be the First to Do it First." Currently, in 2019, I am also the Publisher of the UnCloned Marketing Membership where I teach entrepreneurs how to build #UnCloned brands and scale their business to six figures and beyond. That’s great how your business took off so quick, we love a six-figure making boss!
Tell us more about how you’re able to reel in clients!
UnCloned Media, LLC is a media brand that creates engaging content for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to build and UnCloned Brand. My sales pitch is simple. "When you are tired of looking and sounding like everyone else, allow me to help you #UnCloned Your Brand."
Is there anybody you would like to get the chance to collaborate with?
I would like to collaborate with forward-thinking tech brands and creative people. I love these two groups because we move all industries forward with our desire not to settle and we are the ones responsible for creating trends that influence the culture of how brands make money.
Lastly, do you have any advice for people who are trying to get their businesses to stand out and be unique?
Be Different. It's hard to stand out when you are copying your peers. Learn how to be #UnCloned and be willing to "Challenge the Norms" and "Be the First to Do It First."
www.audriarichmond.com for booking!
@audriarichmond on Instagram, follow her and network.
April 09, 2019 — Naomi Nezianya

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