Networking with Amber Harris, Entrepreneur of SugaMeThiss

Networking with Amber Harris, Entrepreneur of SugaMeThiss

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Hey Ya'll! We Have A New Networker, Amber Harris, To Introduce To Some And Reconnect To Others. Let's Get Into What She Does!

Amber, We Are So Excited To Connect With You Officially! Tell Us What You Do.

SugaMeThiss is a brand that focuses on the aim to keep the kitty happy and healthy! We cater to sensitivity and sensuality!! Our Yummy Yoni Wash is the top seller of our brand simply because it leaves you with such a clean and confident feeling that you’ll definitely want to start keeping in your self care routine!

Your products are life changing to women who've used your products, how did you get started?

I started looking more into the holistic ways of healing right after I had my youngest daughter! I had a tubal after her delivery and sadly, months later that left me with some unbearable cramps I’ve never experienced before. I knew I didn't need to be put on any birth control and I’m not very into taking lots of pills so I had to figure something else out. So, I started researching yoni/vaginal steaming and its benefits. Once I figured out the correct herbs and steaming on a regular my cramps became little to none! I was like, ok Amber this works! I started to think I know other women are going through this as well, let me open this up to some of them! I knew everyone wouldn’t be receptive but it was worth the shot. I would explain to ladies that weren’t so familiar with vaginal steaming all the benefits and how this may be something that can help you in more ways than one and before you know it SugaMeThiss was born!

"I help with keeping the kitty intact!"

Amber Harris

Collaboration is key to networking, who are some people you want to work with in the future?

I would like to collaborate with other strong, amazing, intelligent, self driven, determined black women because we are such a force when we unite!!

Speaking of keys to networking, do you have any advice to give other artists about networking?

To find their brand and be their brand because ultimately you are the roots to whatever you are growing!! Nothing ever grows if you’re not taking the necessary steps to nurture it. Meaning you got to do the work if you want to see your brand sprout! Thank you so much for Amber for giving us the rundown on what you do, now go connect with her and tell her welcome to the network!

Connect with Amber Harris!

@kash.am_fitt @sugamethiss

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